100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd Quotes
Justin: *Wakes Up Yelling*

Eddie McDowd: What Happened!?

Justin: You Drooled All Over Me!

Eddie McDowd: What Are You Complaining About Your Cheek Tasted Rank, And I Drank Out Of The Toilet.
Spike: How Bout' Santa's Little Helper Helps Himself To A Little Smooch? *Perks Up Lips*

Gwen: Try It, And I'll Knock You All The Way Back To The North Pole.
Spike: Are we Making You Qweezy With Love?

Gwen: No Your Making Me Qweezy With A Side Of Your Meaty Green Thighs.
Eddie McDowd: Oh Man You Got That Freaky Turn Someone Into A Dog Look In Your Eye Again. Take It Easy Lets Just Be Cool! *Afraid*
Justin: Eddie Your Home!

Eddie McDowd: FaLease Navidod People.
Eddie McDowd: *To Justin* Let It Go Pal, Its Caroling Time, McDowd Style, A 1 And A 2 And A, Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle All The Way!
Eddie McDowd: I'm Sorry About The Reindeer Ok I'll Reassemble It By New Years.

The Drifter: I Ain't Worried About The Reindeer Eddward, I'm Worried About You.
The Drifter: I've Been Watching You Eddward, And I Don't Like What I See.

Eddie McDowd: C'Mon Man Its Christmas Eve, Don't Ya Ever Take A Day Off From Doing Good?

The Drifter: Can't Afford To, Cause' You Never Taka' Day Off From Doing BAD!
Eddie McDowd: Uh - Oh.

The Drifter: *Deep Voice* Ho Ho Ho.

Eddie McDowd: Guh I'd Hate To See The Chimney You Fit Down.
Justin: Well I Have Something That Will Cheer Ya Up. *He Gets Some Reindeer Antlers Out Of A Box*

Eddie McDowd: Oh No You Didn't. *Justin Puts The Antlers On Eddie McDowd* *Whimpers*

Justin: *Laughs* Check It Out. *Eddie McDowd Growls*

Eddie McDowd: You've Got Five Seconds To Get The Antlers Offa' Me Or You'll Be Celebrating Christmas In The Emergency Room.

Eddie McDowd: *To Mr. Taylor Even Though Only Justin Can Hear Him Talk* Nice Hat Baldy Clause.

Justin: Stop Being Such A Scrouge.
Spike: *In Regular Voice* Ho Ho Ho. Wait A Second, I'm An Elf. *Makes Voice Sqeakier* Ho ho ho.