Sesame Street Quotes
Old MacDoanld:
We got a hot one cooking for you fans of good music and pork belly. It just came in this morning. It's called "The New Way To Walk". And it's done by the fabulous Oinker Sisters. Hit it, gang.
Bushman Bill:
Hey! This is Bushman Bill with hit song you all have been waiting for. That's Right, Boys and Girls! And Bushman Bill played it first right here! The Uno Nurmero song on the Hit Parade this week. Here is Didi O'Dey and the Dew Drops and their hit song: "Be My D!"
Telly Monster:
Oh, Hello there. And welcome to another exiting episode of "Assssssk Oscar!" And now, here's Oscar. (We see Linda come out of Oscar's trashcan).
Telly Monster:
(To Linda) Oh Yeah, I know, I know. You are not Oscar. You are Linda. (To the viewers) You see, Oscar could not be here today. But Linda asked if she can pretend to be Oscar.
Telly Monster:
(Reading the carboard sign on the pretend television with Maria moving her lips and not making a sound on it) "Hello, Telly, How are you?"
Telly Monster:
Oh, yeah. That's what you were saying. I could not hear it. But I could read it.
That's right. And that's what this machine is going to do. It's going to make is possible for Linda to just read the words on the screen.
Dicky Tick:
That's all for now. But be sure to tune again next time for another episode of "Lifestyles of the Big and Little." Until then, This is Dicky Tick, Saying "Ciao, Bambinos."
Dicky Tick:
Welcome to Lifestyles of the Big and Little. The show that takes you in the world the very big, and the very little, Hello there, I'm Dicky Tick.
Big Bird (dressed as a Bus driver):
(To the Four Tops) Good Morning, Step Lively, Got a lot of stops to make. (To the viewers) Oh, Hello. Can't stop now. I don't want to keep the passengers waiting. (To the Four Tops) Let's Go!
(To Two-Headed Monster, who was planning to sing a lullaby to Irvine) Oh, No, Guys, You don't understand. You see, She is not a regular baby, She is a grouch baby. She always has a tendency to scream and cry alot. I don't think a lullaby will calm her down.
Do Mister Charles read with his fingers instead of his eyes?
Ray Charles:
Why Yes, Elmo. Well, You see, Elmo. It's because I am blind, and my eyes don't work too good anymore. So this is why I need to use my fingers to read the lyrics.
Joey and Davey:
Uncle Wally:
Uh, Phil?
Phil Donahue:
Yes, Uncle Wally?
Uncle Wally:
I think the ducky has something to say.
No, Uncle Wally. The ducky doesn't say anything. He just squeaks.
Uncle Wally:
Then I say "Let the ducky squeak."
Uh, Hey listen, Phil. I have happened to agree with Uncle Wally. I must declared on this. So let the ducky squeak, let the ducky squeak.
Vincent Twice:
And this ends another episode of "Sherlock Hemlock: The World's Greatest Detective". Until then, This is your host: Vincent Twice, Vincent Twice. Saying Until Next Time, Until Next Time, If there is a next time....
It's time once again once again for the "FAMILY FOOD!" Introducing the Hungry Family ready for action. On your marks. Here is America's Most beloved game show host: Richard Dawson.
Baby Hungry:
Richard Dawson:
What did the baby say?
Father Hungry:
The baby said "Milk!"
Richard Dawson:
Show me Milk, Is it there? (Milk appears on the last blank list with a ding, follow by a clang-clang-clang meaning they completed the list).
Phil Harmonic:
Hello, This is Phil Harmonic happy to welcome you to "Pretty Great Performance" recorded live from Barnique hall. Tonight we privileged to witness the world premiere of the Sesame Street's All-Animal Orchesta. Placido Flamingo will join the orchestra in performance of "The Italian Street Song" from The Operetta: Naughty Marietta by Victor Herbert. The world pruned and very good sport: Seiji Ozawa will conduct.
Alistair Cookie:
"CUT! CUT! Me very sorry, That was not "Twelve Angry Men". That was "Two Proud Pigs". And who would ever blamed. There no time left for "Twelve Angry Men" so this Alistair Cookie saying..."
Lavender Angry Man #1:
"No time for us, Huh?!?"
Fat Blue Angry Man:
"You introduced the "Three Sad Cows" and the "Two Proud Pigs" and you ran out of time?!?"
Orange Gold Angry Man:
"Yeah! That makes me really angry!!!!"
Alistair Cookie:
"Me very sorry, But that's show biz."
Hot Pink Angry Man:
"SHOWBIZ?!? Let me tell you something. You got twelve angry men here!!!!"
Alistair Cookie:
"Yeah, Well there you have it. "Twelve Angry Men!" This Alistair Cookie saying good-bye from "Monsterpiece Theatre." Thank You. (To the angry men) Hey! Hey! Chill out!"
Lavender Angry Man #2:
"You're gonna be hearing from my agent!"
Cookie Monster:
Dear little Cookula, Here are some your favorite cookies to serve at your birthday party. Me hope you and your friends enjoy them at your birthday party. Love, Grandma Cookie.
Kermit the Frog:
"This is Disgracing the Frog returning to your regular schedule program. (To the Seven Emotional Dwarfs) Could you guys try to control your emotions here?"
"This looks alot like the piano at Bob's apartment or is it an electric keyboard. Does it do more?"
Herbie Hancock:
"Why yes. Well you see, This is not just a piano. You see, this is a synthesizer, It's a computer-based synthesizer. It more features and there is typewriting keyboard that Clyde is in front of.
"Hello, Clyde."
"Hello, Kids."
Herbie Hancock:
"You can do so many different things that you can't do on a piano."
Sherlock Hemlock:
"WATSON!!! That is not a ghost. I thought I told you to look for the ghost. This is Vincent Twice Vincent Twice. He is our host. Ehgad, Host rhymes with ghost."
Lady Agatha:
"Yeah, And that host has my toast, and my roast."