Major League Baseball on CBS Quotes
Sean McDonough:
Well-hit down the left-field line! Way back and GONE! Joe Carter with a three-run homer! The winners and still world champions, the Toronto Blue Jays!
Tim McCarver:
In Canada, when you say PM they think of Prime Minister, but now they might start thinking Paul Molitor!
Sean McDonough:
Henderson to the plate with the go-ahead run!!!
Sean McDonough:
The payoff pitch...He struck him out! And the Philadelphia Phillies have won the National League pennant!
Greg Gumbel:
Hit in the air to right field, Carter has room... And the Blue Jays are going back to the World Series!
Sean McDonough:
Fair ball, into the left field corner! Kruk around to score and Kim Batiste goes from goat to hero in a matter of minutes!
Sean McDonough:
Timlin...Nixon bunts, Timlin on it, throws to first...for the first time in history, the World Championship banner will fly north of the border! The Toronto Blue Jays are baseball's best in 1992!
Sean McDonough:
The runners go on the 3-and-2 to Winfield...down the line, a base hit into the left-field corner! White has scored, Alomar comes around...The ball gets away from Gant...It's a two-run double for Dave Winfield, and a 4-2 Toronto lead!
Sean McDonough:
Well hit to left field to the wall Deion Sanders, home run Ed Sprague! Off the bench with a pinch hit two run homer off Jeff Reardon to give the Toronto Blue Jays a 5-4 lead!
Sean McDonough:
Line-drive and a base-hit!!! Justice has scored the tying run, Bream to the plate...and he is... SAFE!! SAFE AT THE PLATE!!! The Braves go to the World Series!
Dick Stockton:
High fly ball, toward the line in left, calling for it is Maldonado, and the Blue Jays have finally won the pennant!
Dick Stockton:
And a drive hit to right field, Sierra going back, looking up...and this game is tied, Roberto Alomar!
Sean McDonough:
Deep to left...and there goes Ron Gant's first ever grand slam!
Jack Buck:
The Twins are going to win the World Series!!! The Twins have won it! It's a base hit! It's a 1-0 10th inning victory!
Jack Buck:
Atlanta hasn't scored in ten innings against Jack Morris!
Jack Buck:
The play is to home! Out there...out there!!!
Jack Buck:
Into deep left-center, for Mitchell...and we'll see you...TOMORROW NIGHT!
Jack Buck:
That's going to be a winner for Atlanta!!! The runner tags at third, here's the throw from Mack, here's Lemke...he is, safe, safe!!! They called him safe! Atlanta wins and they're going to say that Harper did not tag him!
Jack Buck:
And John Smoltz has pitched Atlanta into the World Series!
Dick Stockton:
And the Minnesota Twins have gone from the cellar to the penthouse in the American League!