Jem and the Holograms Quotes
Clash: "I've got an idea."
Pizzazz: "I'm listening..."
Clash: "Why don't we all go to Mulberry?"
Pizzazz: "Mulberry, huh? It sounds like a new soda for wimps!"
Pizzazz: "Daddy...with Kimber? *screams and storms over*"
Kimber: "Uh-oh, there's Pizzazz. Mr. Gabor, why don't you try to talk to her instead of assuming it's hopeless?"
Shana : "Though it probably is."
Mr. Gabor: "Pizzazz--"
Pizzazz : "I don't *believe* this! You, my own father, turning against me! You don't have time for *me* on Father's Day, but her, that wuss?! *screams and lunges at Kimber, only to be held back by her father* Just what do you think you're doing, consorting with the enemy?!"
Mr Gabor: "I don't have to justify myself to you!"
Pizzazz: "Then don't! DON'T!! *storms off*"
Mr. Gabor: "Oh, you're impossible! I give up! *bows his head and is comforted by Shana*
Kimber: "Jerrica wake up we have to go to the theater"
Jerrica: "I was dreaming about the beast, I'm so tired"
Kimber: "Hey we're all tired we haven't gotten 3hrs sleep since we got here"
Show's over, Synergy!"
--Jem transforming back into Jerrica
"Why do you always think the worst of me?"
"Don't answer that, Jem!"
--Pizzazz and Stormer to Jem at BaNee's goodbye party, A Father Should Be...
"You can start the party now, the Misfits are here!!!"
--Pizzazz, A Father Should Be...
"I am RIOT!!"
--Riot, The Stingers Hit Town Pt 1
"Jerrica... I just kissed you."
"Oh, did you? I'm sorry I didn't notice."
--Riot and Jerrica, Midsummer Night's Madness
"Out of my way, Boy Scout!"
--Riot to Rio, Midsummer Night's Madness
"...and I see that your group will never be as big as the Stingers... my advice is to forget music and take up basket-weaving!" (throws basket at Kimber)
"Basket weaving?! That's your idea of a primo career move?!"
--Rapture,masquerading as the Oracle and Kimber's response, Midsummer Night's Madness
"Perhaps Jem is just a stage name, like the one you use... Phyllis."
"OOOOOHHHHH! Don't ever call me that!!"
--Eric and Pizzazz, Truly Outrageous (Pilot 5-Parter)
"Where's your big sister, creepo? She let you out after four thirty?"
--Stormer to Kimber, The Bands Break Up
"This is me, how I like to be, take it or leave it."
--The Stingers, "Take It Or Leave It"
--Techrat, various episodes
"Your father hoped you'd be strong... but I suppose tough is good enough."
--Synergy to Kimber, Scandal
"You ought to see how things appear when you are up in the stratosphere, you ought to see the view from here, it's fabulous... like us!"
--The Misfits "You Oughtta See The View From Here"
"You and me, it's destiny... fate is on my side."
--The Stingers, "Destiny"
"Quiet, quiet everyone! Listen to my voice... let my voice touch you. If you want more music, you must return to your seats. Yes, do this for me... now."
--Riot hypnotizing the audience, The Stingers Hit Town
"Yes, this room is worthy of my perfection."
--Riot, The Stingers Hit Town
"Not a bird? Bummer. Only Laura Holloway? Double bummer."
--Laura coming of her hallucinogens, Alone Again