Rugrats Quotes
Angelica: What do you weigh now, 25 pounds?
Tommy: Aw, c'mon. Don't be a baby
Angelica: It smells like a baby's room in here! (Opens window)
Tommy: Too cold!
Angelica: Awww, is 'da widdle baby too cold?
Stu: Here you go, boy. Burnt to a crisp, just as you like them. (gives burnt burger to Spike)
Phil & Lil: (while Tommy gets the ball, which is in a yard with a mean, growling bull dog) Please don't eat Tommy. Please don't eat Tommy. Please don't eat Tommy
Mr. Mucklehoney: I'm so hungry, I could eat a hog, head first!
Tommy: Chuckie, Phil, Lil; I got just one word to say to you.
Chuckie, Phil, Lil: What?
Tommy: Dog food.
Phil & Lil: Dog food?
Tommy: Dog food
Didi: I'm not gonna live up to those mothers on TV.
Betty: C'mon, Deed, TV's TV; we're real.
(Stu and Didi decide to make up a lullaby for Tommy)
Stu: It's your bedtime, champ.
Didi: Uh... let's turn out the lamp.
Stu: You'll feel better tomorrow!
Didi: But this song you can borrow!
Stu: Nice, Deed.
Didi: Thanks.
Stu: If your cheeks are still red,
Didi: And there's heat in your head.
Stu: Then we'll call up the doctor!
Didi: His name's Herman Shockter!
Stu: 'cause you're our little boy.
Didi: You're our pride and joy.
Stu: And we think you're the best...
Didi: So good night, get some rest...
Phil: I hate kissing movies!
Didi (Pulling off Tommy's wig): Does this look like a Tonya to you?
Angelica: Wow! I've never seen anybody barf like that
Angelica: If you have to ask, you'll never know!
Drew: Come on, Angelica!
Grandpa Lou: Kingfisher 9000! Kingfisher 9000! Kingfisher 9000!
Didi: Tonya Pickles?
Woman Leaving the Theater: Worst theater I've ever been to.
Man With Her: You're telling me; the popcorn here tastes like soda pop.
Stu: (Cracks eggs while sleepwalking) 1 potato, 2 potato, 3 potato, 6 potato, 14 potato, 16 potato, 119 potato...
Chuckie: Whats he talking about?
Tommy: Must be some kind of robot code from Mars
Stu (sleepwalking and hears a noise): Drew? This is my cooking show, Drew...
Patty Pants: My name is Patty Pants, and I need a new diaper!
Stu: She walks! She talks! She wets! She even has realistic diaper rash!
Grandpa: Looks lifelike. Even smells lifelike. If I didn't know better, I'd say it was Tommy
Grandpa: Back in my day, me and my brother Sparky, went trick-or-treating, but it was 15 miles to the nearest house, and we had real tricks, and real ghosts!
Grandpa: Halt! Who goes there?
Drew: Hi, Pop.
Grandpa: What's the password?
(Drew holds up a bag of pork rinds)
Drew: Pork rinds?
Grandpa: Bingo!