Rugrats Quotes
Angelica Pickles: "Love what you done to the place. Are those new wipe-boards?"
Mrs. Guppy: "Flattery didn't work two years ago, Miss Pickles, and it won't work now!"
Sabu (referring to water): "It is more important than cookies, even more important than al-Reptar."
Lil DeVille: "Look, Angelica looks like a giant mud pie!"
Angelica Pickles (mesmerized after watching a Dummi Bears video): "I'm happy, are you happy?
Chuckie: "WHOA! SLOW DOWN, SPIKE!!!"
*Angelica laughing*
Angelica: "*mocking him* Slow down, Spike!"
Chuckie: "I'm not going, Tommy."
Tommy: "Aww, come on, Chuck--"
Chuckie: "I'M NOT GOING!! Everytime I go on one of your little adventures, I get my head stuck in a tree or get chased by some shadow guy or fall off a mountain."
Phil & Lil: "Mountain?"
Phil: "I don't think a kid should spend all day in his room bopping his Boppo."
Chuckie: "I don't know about this, Angelica. This is even more scary than the cat who lives next door, or the guy on the oatmeal box, or..."
Angelica: *Raising her fist to him* "Is it more scarier than this?"
Chuckie: "Nope. Not scarier than that."
Susie: "My tricycle is gone!" *Wailing*
Phil: "Call the police station!"
Lil: "Call the army!"
Chuckie: "Call me when it's over!"
Angelica: "*scoffs* You and what army?"
Susie: "*shakes her fist at her* Me and *this* army!"
Lil: "*grabbing a toy doll* She's going to the police station because her mommy was stolen."
Phil: "*grabbing it from her* No, Lillian, she's going to the fire station because her puppy's up a tree."
Angelica: "I beat ya! I beat ya! I finally beat Susie at something! Now all's I gotta do is beat you 15 more times, and...and...gee, what pretty colors..."
Angelica: "*dazily* But daddy, the babies ate all the ice "ceam" sandwiches..."
Chuckie: "What ice cream sandwiches is she talking about?"
Tommy: "I don't know."
Angelica: "Do you always do what people tell you to do? If someone told you to jump off a bridge, would you?!"
Chuckie: "Probably."
Lawyer: "Ms. Pickles, are you telling the truth?"
Angelica: "Maybe, maybe not."
Lawyer: "Please answer yes or no."
Angelica: "Yes or no."
Lawyer: "Angelica, please answer the question."
Angelica: "Angelica, please answer the question."
Laywer: "Are you mimicking me?"
Angelica: "Are you mimicking me?"
Lawyer: "Are you aware you're in a court of law?"
Angelica: "Are YOU aware you're in a court of law?"
Laywer: "Stop it!"
Angelica: "Stop it!"
(Courtroom laughing)
Angelica: "Good, now let's go get some...*jingles door handle* uh-oh."
Chuckie: "Get some uh-oh?"
Chuckie: "I don't think this is such a good idea you guys."
Stu: (as little Red Riding Hood puppet) Why grandma, what big eyes you have.
Drew: (as Big Bad Wolf puppet) Why, thank you
Stu: Good morning, Champ
Tommy: Spike already ate all of the food.
Lil: But I wanted to sleep in the flowers.
Angelica: And I wanted to bite the mail man