Saved by the Bell Quotes
"Third place, wow! I once finished fifth in an ALF look-a-like contest."
- Screech in Aloha Slater
"What's happening here, Screech? Nobody wants me around anymore."
"Can you blame them, Brillo head?"
- Slater and Screech in Aloha Slater
"Preppy, is that you? NICE legs"
- Slater in Screech's Woman
"Screech even sold his body to science."
"Yeah, they gave him twenty dollars to take it back."
- Zack and Jessie in The Lisa Card
"I kicked the TV and sprained my ankle."
"I was watching the new Revlon commercial, and they discontinued my nail polish."
- Lisa and Jessie in Save the Max
"Wow, my first Hollywood party. I wonder if the Simpsons are gonna be there."
- Screech in No Hope With Dope
"I could charge lonely girls to watch me flex my muscles."
- Slater in Rent-A-Pop
"These pills are dangerous!"
"Yeah, so's geometry."
- Slater and Jessie in Jessie's Song
"You violated our privacy! That is wrong! Isn't it, Slater?!"
"Uhhh...yeah, Preppie, you ought to be ashamed of yourself! I'm disgusted! Next time, bring me."
- Jessie and Slater in Jessie's Song
"I'M SO EXCITED! I'M SO EXCITED! I'm so scared."
- Jessie in Jessie's Song
"Two Belding's in one building, one of whom is balding!"
- Screech in The Fabulous Belding Boys
"Wow, Jessie! You look great."
"What I look like is not as important as who I am, Bubba."
- Slater and Jessie in Breaking Up Is Hard To Undo
"Wait a minute, you have to be eighteen to get into the Attic."
"Not true! You could be fifty-four!"
- Lisa and Screech in Fake I.D.'s
"Jessie, let's go to the Lost and Found."
"Because you've lost it."
- Kelly and Jessie in The Wicked Stepbrother
"You're bats, Screech! The Attic is an over 18 dance club, and Zack's only 16."
"That may be true today, Slater, but by tomorrow night, we'll all be 18."
"Oh no, Mom said I had to move out at 18! I gotta go look for a place!"
- Slater, Zack, and Screech in Fake I.D.'s
"Why be a teacher when you can be a principal? It's the easiest job around, you don't do anything, ask Belding."
- Zack in Student Teacher Week
"Men are such fools! I hope I never become one!"
- Screech in Fake I.D.'s
"Quiet, little weird man!"
- Jessie in Pipe Dreams
"All right, concentrate Slater, CONCENTRATE! How can I concentrate? I'm starving! I only had four Twinkies and a box of Ding-Dongs for breakfast!"
This is the worst day of my life. I'm almost hit by a school bus walking to class, I had to run stadiums during gym class and now I have to take this SAT test. Stay calm, Kelly. Stay calm.
"If any one of you sweeties dares bid on my Slater, I'm gonna hunt you down in the streets like a rabid dog!"
- Jessie in Date Auction