Zaat Quotes
Dr. Leopold: "Sargassum, the weed of deceit. Sargassum fish - mighty hunter of the deep! What an inspiration you have been in my plot! Your life of hiding, waiting... stalking your prey. At just the right moment... ATTACK! I love you. I hope I'll be a good imitator. And my friend, the shark. Cunning, swift... wretched humans, they're afraid of you! I admire you. Soon, I'll swim with you! They'll be afraid! Oh, mighty scorpion, dangerous beast of the ocean with your powerful daggers, and your camouflage... you have little to fear from other fish. They think I'm insane! THEY'RE the ones who are insane! Oh, my friends of the deep! This day, this very day, I'll become one of YOU! My family! And together we'll conquer the universe!"
Dr. Leopold: "I'll cause underwater life to triumph over all other living creatures. I will adapt myself to a permanent underwater environment. All other humans will be conquered. I can not - I WILL NOT BE STOPPED! I will select a mate with utmost care, and together we will create a whole new aquatic race. But there is no time left!"
Marine Biologist Rex: "But why would a monster need drugs?"

INPIT Agent Stevens: "For the same reason he became a vampire last night - to satisfy some physical need or urge."
Dr. Leopold: "Nets are no longer for fish. We may use them on you humans - if any survive."
Dr. Leopold: "Nothing at all like the catfish... but it's BEAUTIFUL!"
Sheriff Krantz: "Hah! The state of Florida against a l'il ole catfish. Some case!"
Dr. Leopold: "The formula they all laughed at - Z sub A, A sub T... ZaAt!"
INPIT Agent Stevens: "It looks more like it was done by an animal; a cat or an ape."
Sheriff Krantz: "Well, I ain't seen that college education of yours do us much good so far."

Marine Biologist Rex: "Walking fish wasn't part of the curriculum. They didn't teach us how to be kind to sheriffs, either - but I'm trying."

Sheriff Krantz: "You better be, boy."