Sherilynn Fenn heads the cast of Full Moon Productions' Kiss of the Beast. Fenn plays an art student who inherits a mysterious, accursed Italian castle. Before long, a troupe of Felliniesque circus performers take shelter in the drafty old manse. Assuming that Fenn is there against her will, a few of the performers draw up plans for her rescue. Malcolm Jamieson enlivens the proceeding as a pair of doppelganger twins. Also known as Meridian, Kiss of the Beast can best be described as Beauty and the Beast with blood and nudity. — Hal Erickson

Sherilyn Fenn - Catherine
Charlie Spradling - Gina
Hilary Mason - Martha
Isabella Celani - Ghost
Robert MacDonald
Francesco Papa
Alex Daniels - Beast
Perry Bullington
Malcolm Jamieson - Lawrence / Oliver
Vernon Dobtcheff - Priest
Phil Fondacaro - Dwarf