The dorky low-budget "Killer Tomatoes" series closed with this fourth chapter — about one chapter too late. John Astin returns as the resurrected Professor Gangrene, who resurfaces in France to continue his ongoing plot for world domination through the care and maintenance of the title fruit. Hoping to bank on his sidekick's resemblance to King Louis XVII (long prophesied to return to his throne), Gangrene sends his armies of tomato-monsters (who sport snarling, feral faces and silly dialogue this time out) to eliminate those who stand in his way. Among them is the nominal "hero," a has-been actor (Marc Price) spurred by the vacillating affections of winsome Parisian Marie (Angela Visser) — actually, every woman in the film is named Marie — to join the French army against the Juicy Red Menace. This nominal premise is merely a framework for a barrage of sight gags, put-ons, and clever movie parodies (the Platoon riff is a highlight); fans of the series will probably see the jokes coming, and others may be put off by the whole concept anyway.