Intergalactic super-cop Brick Bardo (Tim Thomerson) crash-lands in the Bronx while on a cosmic head hunt, only to find himself just over a foot tall in our world. Bardo spends time bringing street gangs to justice while pursuing his original quarry. — John Bush

Tim Thomerson - Brick Bardo
Kamala Lopez - Debi Alejandro
Judd Omen - Mayor
Vincent Klyn
Laurianne Jameson - Hysterical Fat Lady
Michael Halsey - Cally
Maria Strova - Gerald's Mom
Dyana Ortelli - Mrs. Rodriquez
Samantha Phillips - Tina
Humberto Ortiz - Kevin Alejandro
Merle Kennedy - Maria
Frank Collison - Sprug
Luis Contreras - Jackson
Cody Burger - Boy in Laundromat
Mark Bringelson - Anchorman
Jackie Earle Haley - Braxton Red
Eugene Robert Glazer - Captain Shuller
Nicholas Guest - Skyresh
Buddy Daniels - Weatherman
John Durbin - Fisher
Frank Doubleday - Cloy