This third sequel to Alfred Hitchcock's classic thriller originally aired on cable television (Showtime) and looks into murderous Norman Bates' traumatic past in hopes of explaining his need to kill. Norman calls into a radio talkshow, the subject of which is matricide (mother-killing), and he begins to tell the tales of his victims and his domineering mother... after revealing that he's going to kill again. Radio hostess Fran Ambrose attempts to discover his true identity and prevent him from committing more murderous acts.

Anthony Perkins - Norman Bates
Henry Thomas - Young Norman Bates
Olivia Hussey - Norma Bates
CCH Pounder - Fran Ambrose
Warren Frost - Dr. Leo Richmond
Donna Mitchell - Connie Bates
Thomas Schuster - Chet Rudolph
Sharen Camille - Holly
Bobbi Evors - Gloria
John Landis - Mike
Kurt Paul - Raymond Linette
Louis Crume - George Emeric
Cynthia Garris - Ellen Stevens
Doreen Chalmers - Mrs. Lane
Alice Hirson - Mother (voice)
Ryan Finnigan - Norman (age 5)
Peggy O'Neal - Nurse
Bob Barnes - Salesman
George Zaloom - Janitor