After three years in prison, legendary jewel thief Tommy Logan (played by D.W. Moffett) is released on parole and hired, because of his criminal expertise, as a security expert by Arturo Taft (Tony LoBianco), owner of the world wide ultra luxurious Palace Hotel chain.

Since Tommy's former nefarious activities frequently involved Palace Hotels, who better than Tommy could protect the famous hotel chain from thieves? There is another reason Taft wants to hire him…a reason known only to Taft himself. Tommy Logan is his son.

However, Tommy's new boss, Christy Cooper (Marcy Walker), the hotel's Vice President of Public Relations, has been adamantly against the whole concept of hiring Logan. She does not want a convicted felon working for her as head of security and she is predisposed to dislike him. When she meets him, her fears are confirmed – he is cocky and insubordinate.

PALACE GUARD follows the working relationship between Tommy Logan and Christy Cooper as they travel each week to elegant Palace Hotels located in exciting cities such as London, Acapulco, Aspen, New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Lake Como in Italy… wherever and whenever their special skills are needed – Tommy averting disaster for the hotels with his quirky and questionable methods and Christy sweeping up the fallout.