Commando Cody is a freelance civilian scientist who has owns a laboratory, in this facility he has a full staff of assistants, a rocket ship with ability to travel to the moon and the his own personal rocket pack. Cody is called to action when various military and major facilities are attacked and thinks their might be a alien invading force invoked. Cody and his fellow adventurers travel to the Moon and confront the evil tyrant known as Retik. He plans on taking over the Earth and replacing it with his own people. This is first adventure of Commando Cody, this series was followed by Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe.

Directed by Fred C. Brannon and written by Ronald Davidson. Released by Republic Pictures.

These were originally theatrical movie serials but they would later be edited down to movie formats or aired individually on various television stations. The series is now Public Domain.

The shorts also made various appearances including many episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The episodes were also referenced in Star Wars, Star Trek, The Rocketeer, and many others.Actor Judd Holdren played the title role.