This is a remake of the classic OVA series Bubble Crisis.

Megalo City (built over remains of Tokyo), it's progress assisted by the Genom Corporation who have created mechanical androids known as Boomers. Boomers help everyday activities and jobs across the city, however due to strange events some Boomers have gone rouge and rampage across the city. The AD Police are a special task force assigned to take care of Boomer rampages but are sadly incapable of handling it alone. An anonymous vigilante group known as the Knight Sabers take the Boomers head on with the specially designed power suits called Hardsuits. They consist of billionaire Sylia Stingray, underground rock musician Priss "Priscilla" Sonoda Asagiri, computer hacker for the AD Police Nene Romanova, and recently inducted member Linna Yamazaki. Together they try to figure out the cause of the Boomers crisis.

The series lasted for 26 episodes. There was a sequel series planned however due to the closer of ADV Films it's assumed that those plans have been canceled.

Each episode title is based off a popular western songs.