Password, hosted by Allen Ludden, made its debut in 1961 with contestants joining forces with celebrities to solve mystery words for extending amounts of cash prizes. In 1967, Password was replaced by the soap, "Love is a Many Splendored Thing." However, in 1971, ABC revived the show with a new look, but the same great gameplay. Starting in 1974, a new version of Password began, called "Password All-Stars", where four celebrities played for charity with the same standard gameplay. In 1975, Password came to an end with its All-Star finale. However, In 1979, NBC revived Password under the name "Password Plus" and later "Super Password" which lasted from 1979-1982 and 1984-1989 respectivily. Recently, CBS revived Password under "Million Dollar Password" which lasted from 2008-2009. BCI has also released a DVD set entitled "Best of Password: The CBS Years 1962-1967" with episodes from the original version of the show.