This zany stunt like game show debuted on CBS TV

in the fall of 1976.

Taped on location at "Magic Mountain"Amusement Park

in Valencia,Cal.

High school gym classes from all over The USA and Petuo Rico

would try to successfully complete stunts in the least ammount of


In order to earn points and win the chance to complete in the

finals at the end of the series run for scholarship funds for the

students and for a color tv set for the school.

Sonny Fox hosted the show..while Mark Smith served as the

program's comedy relief.

This was the last tv series that Fox would host as an on camera


Following the cancellation of "Way Out Games"..he would move

onto other venues.

"Way Out Games!"was first seen as a pilot on CBS TV on

Saturday afternoon January 11,1976.

Soupy Sales and Joanna Kerns(At that time..Ms.Kerns worked

under the name of Joanna Daverona)were the show's mc's.

When the heads of CBS TV picked up the series for it's

Saturday afternoon lineup that fall.

Soupy asked to be paid more monies for hosting the


The series producers:Jack Barry & Dan Enright and

MGM TV refused Sales' request for a pay raise and both

he and Ms.Kerns left the show.