Dominion Tank Police (or just plain Dominion as it was called in Japan) is a Japanese OVA series based on the manga by cyberpunk master Masamune Shirow.

Dominion is set in a futuristic Japanese city, Newport City, filled with high powered technology and pollution. The crime has also increased in the city leaving any normal police department powerless so the government gives the police force tanks (while successful in combating crime they tend to do a lot of damage to the city). The main story center's around the first member of the Tank Police, Leona Ozaki (along with her partner Al and their custom tank Bonaparte) and their attempt in bringing the cyborg criminal, Buaku, and his cyborg catgirl sidekicks Yuni Puma & Annapuma to justice.

The first OVA was released in 1988 and consisted of 4 episodes.

In 1992 a new OVA was made. In the year 2016, Leona and the Tank Police are still taking on the crimal underworld (including Yuni Puma & Annapuma) of Newport City however this is threatened by the Dai Nippon Geiken Corporation who is creating weapons that are ultra powerful and can be obtained by the criminal gangs of the city. The government then tries to pass a law banning Dai Nippon Geiken Corporation weapons from the city. This leads Dai Nippon Geiken Corporation to try and terminate those defending the law. Leona also finds out that the Corporation led to the murder of her former partner and that merely leads to Leona wanting to crush the Dai Nippon Geiken Corporation even more.

This OVA contained 6 episodes and featured new designs for the characters.

All the OVA’s have been released by US companies including U.S. Manga Corps and Manga Entertainment

In 2006 another Dominion Tank Police OVA (entitled Tank SWAT 01) anime was made using CGI instead of traditional 2-D animation. This latest animated version is considered the closet to being accurate to its manga counterpart (with both Yuni Puma & Annapuma now having joined the ranks of the Tank Police). This OVA has only lasted only one episode and is still (as of yet) hasn’t left the country of Japan.