The New Adventures of Gilligan is an animated series produced by Filmation and was aired on ABC during the 1974-1975 season. It was based on the 1964-1967 CBS television series Gilligan's Island and featured almost all the actors from the show, except for Tina Louise, who was determined to distance herself from the role of Ginger Grant (the animated Ginger became a platinum blonde in case Louise objected to Filmation using her image), and Dawn Wells, who was on the road in a play and was unavailable (Jane Webb voiced Ginger & Mary Ann). Added to the cast was a sidekick for Gilligan, Snubby The Monkey, voiced by executive producer Lou Scheimer. Appropos to many Filmation series at the time, many of the episodes concluded with Skipper and Gilligan talking about whatever lesson they had learned that day.

The show debuted on ABC Saturday Morning on September 7, 1974. After 24 episodes over 2 seasons, ABC relegated the show to Sunday mornings for a third and final season of repeats in 1976-77, as the network, still reeling from the ratings disaster in 1975-76 which was Uncle Croc's Block, was reluctant to order another season of animated Gilligan installments or anything new from Filmation Associates.

Another Gilligan's Island-based Filmation animated series called Gilligan's Planet was made in 1982. The premise for that series centers around the castaways creating a spaceship and winding up on a deserted planet.

Along with the aforementioned Gilligan's Planet, the DVD rights to this series rest with Time Warner, however there are no current plans for a release of either series at this time.