Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku (ÍòÄÜÎÄ»¯Ã¨Äï Bann¨­ Bunka Nekomusume) is a six-episode anime OVA created in 1992. It spawned a 14-episode anime TV series remake (of the same name) in 1998, as well as a 12-episode second OVA series All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku Dash in that year. They are based on an original short manga by Yuzo Takada. The series also has a manga adaptation.

In the show, genius inventor Kyusaku Natsume transplants the brain of a cat found by his son Ryunosuke on Christmas Eve, into a schoolgirl android that he created and subsequently stole from his former employer, Mishima Heavy Industries (owned by his estranged wife and Ryunosuke's mother, Akiko Natsume). The result, Nuku Nuku (also known as Atsuko Natsume), is a nekomusume (èÄï) or cat girl.

The plot generally focuses on the custody battle for Kyusaku and the attempts by Akiko and Mishima Heavy Industries to reclaim Nuku Nuku's body. This often involves amusingly larger-than-life battles between Nuku Nuku and military hardware produced by Mishima Heavy Industries. Two episodes also deal with a one sided war between Nuku Nuku and another android name Eimi who suffers from an over the top inferiority complex and envies Nuku's more stable design though Eimi was made -after- her and seeks to transfer her programming into Nuku to ditch her own body that Akiko calls 'a piece of junk.' In spite of Eimi being more emotionally unstable than Nuku both their fights end in a draw.