Sketch comedy show set around the fictitious tv station SCTV in the fictitious town of Melonville. The programs broadcast by SCTV were often hilarious parodiies of popular films and other tv shows.
"Farm Film Report", Woody Allen's "Play it again, Bob", Monster Chiller Horror Theatre", and "Great White North just to name a few.
Other skits often involved the backstage antics of the SCTV staff including Guy Caballero, Edith Prickley, Johnny LaRue, and Earl Camembert.

The show starred...

John Candy
Joe Flaherty
Andrea Martin
Catherine O'Hara
Harold Ramis
Martin Short
Dave Thomas
Eugene Levy
Rick Moranis
Tony Rosato
Robin Duke
John Hemphill
Mary Wilcox

Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada; this troupe was the on-air version of the Sketch Comedy troupe, SECOND CITY Improvisational troupe.