Cattanooga Cats was a Saturday morning cartoon produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions for ABC.

when it was cancelled. The show was a package program similar to the Hanna-Barbera/NBC show The Banana Splits Adventure Hour, except that it contained no live-action segments. The show was produced and directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Mike Curb was hired as musical director and he co-wrote all the songs performed by the Cattanooga Cats, including the show's theme song. Ted Nichols composed the background music.

Hanna-Barbera had high hopes for Cattanooga Cats to be a hit program, like The Banana Splits, but the show failed to attract a large audience during its original run. Mildew Wolf, the most popular character on the program, resurfaced six years after the cancellation of Cattanooga Cats as the co-commentator, with Snagglepuss, of Laff-a-Lympics, this time voiced by John Stephenson.