The show starts in UC (Universal Century) 0153 and with the conflicts of the Zeon vs Earth Federation and Crossbone Vanguard vs Earth Federation a memory this show starts up w/ a new malevolent force in the Zanscare empire that is looking to conquer earth. This stars Uso Evin the youngest Gundam pilot of any Gundam series leading a militia group known as League Militare against the ruthless Zanscare empire which has come to exploit the very much weakened Earth Federation. Unlike the previous Gundam (ZZ Gundam) this one returns to it's dark roots and IMO is the darkest one of the entire Gundam series. This has been dubbed as one of Yoshiyuki Tomino's (the creator of Gundam) "Kill Em' All" series w/ good reason. The guillotine is used in full force by the Zanscare empire to cut down rebels and dissidents alike. This series also featured what I believe to have some of the most beautiful Background music ever that is fully orchestrated. Sadly this show was not very popular in Japan and it shows as it is very hard to find even on EBay. This is very unfortunate since it is one of the best Gundam series ever (second only to Zeta Gundam IMHO). The cast of characters were also great and even makes you cringe sometimes the way that they die in this series. The Shrike team in particular suffers big time causalities. So here's hoping that this wonderful show gets some attention and more people learn of it.