In this third incarnation of "The Brady Bunch" (following "The Brady Kids" and "The Brady Bunch Variety Hour"), Marcia meets free-spirited Wally Logan (Jerry Houser), and Jan meets uptight Phillip Covington III (Ron Kuhlman), the couples fall in love and are wed. Both couples are strapped for cash, so they wind up moving into a large house together -- which creates problems all around.

10 episodes of the series were produced in 1981. After the series was canceled, the first four episodes were re-edited and sold into syndication as a film titled, "The Brady Girls Get Married." Episodes of the series have popped up from time to time, most notably in the late '90s on the FOX Family Channel. When subsequent reunions were made ("A Very Brady Christmas," "The Bradys"), they stayed true to the storyline established in this series, and kept Wally and Philip as Brady husbands.