Dr. Snuggles is a scatterbrained inventor/doctor with a menagerie of human and animal friends for company. There is the doctor's housekeeper Miss Nettles, and a clever badger called Dennis. Dr. Snuggles' extended family includes Mathilda Junkbottom the robot, Granny Toots and the Cosmic Cat, Cootboot the messenger bird, Winnie Vinegar the witch, the Treacle Tree and the
walking,talking, wooden shed,Rickety Rick. There was also Nobby Mouse, Woogie the freckled camel, and Ticker the talking pocketwatch. Dr. Snuggles was a friend to everyone and everthing. There were also enemies such as Professor Emerald and his possum-assistant Horner, sneaky Willy Fox and Charlie Rat and mad Madame Midas.

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