Insektors was about two insect like races inhabiting the planet Karbon; the Yuks and the Joyces. The Yuks lived in a large, dark tree stump, and lived lives of missery, while the Joyces lived in a lush field of colors, flowers and music.
It was the goal of the Yuks, lead by prime minister Krabo to invade the Joyce teritory, assisted by the inventions of lord Teknocratus, and retreive flower wood to heat their city, while the Joyce heros Fulgor, Aelia, Spotty and Gallopus, rellied on wit and the enginuity of the Great Pyro to thwart them.
The series ran for two seasons from 1994 to 1995, and was brought back with a christmas special in 1997. Originally in french, it was translated into English for the UK, and again for North America. The two english version weren't especially popular and never went to dvd and have only a very small fanbase. The NA one didn't even go to VHS so episodes are rare to find.