An award-winning confection aimed at young children, both deaf and hearing, and presented in the form of a comic - something like a cross between Vision On and The Dandy. The humour is broadly slapstick in nature and performed without dialogue, just grunts and exclamations, with words flashing on the screen in the manner of the 1960s US show Batman.
The principal features in Zzzap! are Cuthbert Lilly (He's Dead Silly), basic slapstick strongly reminiscent of the silent film era; Daisy Dare, who loves to become embroiled in messy challenges; the Handymen, a pair of hands that demonstrate crafts and tricks; and the Gallic painter Smart Arty, whose works of art spring to life. This last character is played by Neil Buchanan, who co-produces the show with Tim Edmunds for their company the Media Merchants; before Zzzap!, Buchanan's credentials were already well established with children through his presentation of the acclaimed ITV crafts show Art Attack.
The tenth series introduced Minnie the Mini Magician, played by Sophie Aldred - best known as the good Doctor's companion, Ace, in Doctor Who.