This series was made by some Australian kids company and was basically about a round-the-world voyage with kids from all over the world (all of whom spoke perfect English!!!) that goes horribly wrong.

During the voyage there's a massive storm and the decision is made to abandon the ship (named The United World) but unfortunately 5 children get left aboard somehow during the evacuation. The kids try and keep the ship afloat but eventually it crashes onto a reef, stranding them on a chain of islands which are not marked on any map.

The 5 children quickly discover that there are people living on the island. The inhabitants are the descendants of criminals who were being transported to Australia from England 250 years earlier. Under the guidance of one of the criminals and using a massive storm as a distraction, the ship was seized the crew and guards were all killed. However the criminals were unable to steer the ship properly because of the storm and consequently they crashed over the reef into these islands as well. In some manner that was never really explained, the criminal who led the takeover of the ship discovered that eating the blue seaweed which grows in caves under the islands could make him immortal. He then declared himself to be the ruler of the community and set people working to harvest the seaweed for him.

250 years later when the kids arrive, the "Q" (as the leader has become known) is still in charge, ruling an 18th century village where everybody's surname begins with the letter Q. Every week the kids try to come up with some method of either getting off the island or else getting a message out to the rest of the world but they always fail.

The series used to be shown on Sunday mornings in the UK and just disappeared after a few years. LONGEST TV THEME I HAVE EVER HEARD