Remember the landlady and friend of Mary Richards? That's right, Phyllis is another spin-off of the Mary Tyler Moore show. Following in the steps of "Rhoda", Phyllis leaves Minneapolis after the death of her husband Lars and heads for San Francisco and the home of Lars' parents. Bess is in tow, as well as her odd ideas about parenting and life in general. If you liked the character on the MTM show, you will love the more in-depth look at what makes Phyllis the loveable yet naive person she is.
Cloris Leachman - Phyllis Lindstrom
Lisa Gerritsen - Bess Lindstrom
Liz Torres .- Julie Erskine #2 (1975-1976)
Richard Schaal - Leo Heatherton (1975-1976)
Jane Rose - Audrey Dexter
Henry Jones - Judge Jonathan Dexter
Judith Lowry - Sally "Mother" Dexter
John Lawlor - Leonard Marsh (1976-1977)
Garn Stephens - Harriet Hastings (1976-1977)
Carmine Caridi - Dan Valenti (1976-1977)
Burt Mustin - Arthur Lanson (1976)
Craig Wasson - Mark Valenti (1977)