Akazukin Chacha or Red Riding Hood Chacha is a manga series created by Min Ayahana in 1991, which was serialized by Shueisha in Ribon Magazine in Japan between 1991 and 2000. Its 74-episode anime series was created by Nihon Ad Systems (NAS) and Studio Gallop, and first ran on TV Tokyo in Japan from 7 January 1994 to 30 June 1995. In 1998, Cartoon Network aired an English dubbed Akazukin Chacha anime in South East Asia. It became a hit especially in the Philippines.

The story is about a young magical girl named Chacha. Living with her in a cottage on Mochi-mochi mountain is Seravi, who is her teacher and also the world's greatest magician. Chacha is clumsy in casting her spells because every time she summons something, it often turns out to be something that she didn't mean to cast. But when she and her friends are in trouble, her spells do work. Living on the same mountain is a boy gifted with enormous strength named Riiya. Riiya came from a family of werewolves which can instantly change into a wolf whenever they want. Quite far from Mochi-mochi mountain lies Urizuri mountain. Dorothy, also a well known magician in her land, lives on a castle on Urizuri mountain. Living with her is Shiine, her student. Shiine is adept when it comes to casting spells. He is a young wizard and most of his knowledge about magic was taught to him by Dorothy. They also meet up with new friends like Marine the mermaid, Yako an alchemist who is madly in love with Seravi and Orin a sweet and kind ninja who fell in love with Chacha. In the first season Chacha transforms to a powerful Magical Princess to defeat monsters and fiends sent by The evil dark lord Daimaou.