After moving into a new house, six-year-old Emmy and four-year-old Max discover a playroom with an enchanted dragon scale that transports them to a place called Dragon Land. Dragon Land is inhabited by colorful anthropomorphic dragons, four of which they quickly befriend. Max becomes friends with Ord, a big blue dragon who loves eating and is easily scared. Emmy becomes friends with Cassie, a small pink dragon who is very shy but is very smart and responsible, and the two meet Zak & Wheezie, a two headed dragon with Zak being laid back and logical, and Wheezie being more outgoing and weird. The group is later joined by Enrique, a boy who moves in from Columbia late in the series. The group often go on quests and solve everyday problems with moral lessons and a little bit of Spanish. Other characters include Quetzal, the dragons' school teacher, Sid Sycamore, a talking and wiscracking tree, and Mungus, a giant living in a castle in the sky. On PBS the series showed two stories an episode divided by a "Dragon Tune", a music video featuring the characters.