The 15th Super Sentai series. A 1991 homage to the classic Gatchaman anime. In the not too distant future, Vyram begins its invasion of Earth by destroying the Skyforce's base Earth Ship. Ryuu's beloved, Aoi Rie, was sucked out in the chaos. Ryuu escaped with Commander Odagiri. Earth Ship had been the site for the J Project, which was intended to create superhuman Jetman by exposing subjects to Birdonic Waves fired from the Force Gun. Ryuu and four other Skyforce officers were to have become the Jetmen. During the explosion of the Earth Ship, four Birdonic Waves shot forth as bolts of lightning, striking four civilians. Using the Birdonic Wave radar, Ryuu and Odagiri gathered the four civilians, including an initially less than willing Gai, to form Jetman. They transformed by saying, "Clothes Changer" or "Cross Changer". Ryuu now has to fight his beloved Rie, now Maria of Vyram.