Fred and Barney Meet the Thing was an animated television series that aired in 1979. Each hour-long episode of the series had two distinct segments: one featuring The Flintstones, and the other featuring a very loose adaptation of Marvel Comics' character The Thing.

In the cartoon, the Thing is a boy, Benjy Grimm, who transforms into the rock-skinned superhero by touching magic rings together and reciting "thing ring, do your thing." The comic book version of the Thing is the jaded adult Benjamin "Ben" Grimm, who has been trapped in his inhuman rocky form for most of his existence. The Thing appears to be the only character from the Marvel Universe in the series. The two segments did not really cross over with one another; despite the series' title, Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble,The Thing, and The Shmoo (look below) only really met each other in brief bumpers between the segments.

The "Fred and Barney" half of the show consisted of new and old episodes of The New Fred and Barney Show. The show featured the traditional Flintstones cast of characters; Fred and Barney's kids Pebbles and Bamm Bamm were once again toddlers, after having been aged for The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show. Some plots were familiar to long-time Flintstones shows, while others were spoofs of other shows from the 1970s.

After less than three months of the show, Fred, Barney and The Thing were joined by another comic creation, Al Capp's the Shmoo. When the "New Shmoo" adventures came on to the show, the 90-minute program was retitled Fred and Barney Meet The Shmoo.