Classic Concentration is the third edition the game of puzzles and prizes which began back in 1958 on NBC's daytime line-up. The original version featured a mechanical board of 30 numbered squares which rotated with the number called (as did the syndicated show of 1973-78); Classic had a computer-generated board of 25 squares.

Two contestants, in turn, call two numbers, one at a time, with each square revealing a prize. The board contains nine pairs of prizes, with the object to make a match of prizes. Once a prize has been matched, the squares reveal portaions of a rebus, or picture puzzle. The first player to correctly solve the puzzle wins the game and all prizes they have matched. The show also featured "Wild Cards," which automatically matched the other called number, and two pairs of "Take!" cards, one red pair and one green pair. A player could take a prize from a player or save the "Take!" for later. (The original show had "Take 1 Gift" cards, which required the player to take a prize, or it was rendered moot if the opponent had no prizes to take.)

The winning player vied for a new car by matching seven car names on a board of fifteen squares in at least 35 seconds.

Alex Trebek was the host of this series. In 1991, he has doing triple duty on TV, hosting this show, "Jeopardy!" in syndication, and "To Tell The Truth," which came on before "Classic Concentration" on NBC.