This series is based on the TV-movie, "Sidney Shorr," about a middle-aged commercial artist who's gay and very lonely.

Into his bachelor life had come a perky young actress, Laurie Morgan, who was pregnant and unmarried. Laurie had considered an abortion until Sidney talked her out of it.

Now, a few years later, a grateful Laurie and
her cute young daughter Patti had moved into Sidney's eight-room Manhattan apartment. Into his lonely life, scarred by memories of a domineering mother, had come someone he could love.

He doted on the precociuos Patti like an indulgent uncle. Laurie played a nymphomaniac on the daytime soap opera "As Thus We Are." Jason Stoller was the art director for Sidney's biggest account, Nancy was Jason's secretary, Judge Harris was one of Sidney's neighbors, and Mrs. Gaffney his superintendent's nosey wife, who was romantically attracted to an uninterested and unresponsive Sidney.