Puttin On The Hits was a Music Variety Show Hosted By Allen Fawcett produced by dick clark productions and distributed by MCA-TV.

In 1981 Wm. Randy Wood created to shows concept and format. The concept..... “Lip Sync” contests in which ordinary people would compete for prizes and cash awards in in area nightclubs, malls, and other host establishments. These early contests, in which amateurs mimicked popular recording artists without actually singing the songs, were staged by Mr. Wood who promoted the productions and developed the contest rules and scoring guildlines.

In late 1982 Mr. Wood decided that “Lip Sync” contests held more than local interest and he began, ultimately to promote the concept on a nation wide scale. In order to further these efforts, Lip Sinc International, Inc. was incorporated on May 28, 1983.

Mr. Wood and producer Lou Witsiepe traveled extensively from their offices in Houston, Texas producing Lip Sync contests, auditions, promotional shows, concerts, and fundraisers throughout the United States and elsewhere. In connection with these efforts Mr. Wood devoted considerable effort to overcoming skepticism of the owners of the host establishments, sponsors, and the media for the concept, and they developed considerable interest in the concept by both the public and the contest performers.

Mr. Wood also refined and further developed the concept as an entertainment form of mass appeal with sponsors, extensive advertising in all media, defined formats, rules and regulations, slogans, trademarks, service marks, licensing programs, video production and talent searches.

The trademarks and service marks adopted and used by Mr. Wood in the production and advertising of Lip Sync contests and shows included, among others, bright red lip symbols, and the trade and service mark “the show that makes you the star you always wanted to be” and variations of same were widely used in the advertising and promotion in all three media of the Lip Sync contests and shows.

“Lip-syncing” as it came to be popularly known, became a national sensation, appearing with considerable success in nightclubs, universities and other locations throughout the country. In 1981 and thereafter until Puttin’ on the Hits first appeared on television in September 1984, this national phenomena received the attention of dozens of local television stations around the country including super station WGN in Chicago.

Lip Sync International’s Lip Sync performers appeared nationally on numerous occasions on such shows as “PM Magazine”, “The Dance Show”, “Entertainment Tonight” and internationally on the television show “Entertainment USA” airing on the BBC in Europe and on CTV in Canada. Likewise, news accounts and feature articles about the contests appeared in numerous publications around the country during this early time period. In early 1984 Mr. Wood and his company joined forces with dick clark productions and began converting their numerous contests around the country and licensing dozens more organizations, and clubs to host official auditions for the series providing a continuous flow of eager contestants for the series. The series aired 134 episodes in 26 counties, and received a outstanding 9.0 rating the first season of the show. It also was the first Number 1 syndicated Music Variety show in History. Puttin' on the Hits was Nominated for two Daytime Emmy Awards. Watch for the All New Puttin' on the Hits to air in your arera soon.

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