In round one while the husbands (sometimes the wives) are isolated, their wives were asked two questions (usually they start with It happened at..., and then Convy would complete the question). On each question after it was read, a wive would buzz-in to answer the question. Then after answering the question, the buzzed-in wive would then give a one or two word clue that his/her husband would recognize. Then the isolated husbands appear on TV sets in front of their wives. Host Convy would then ask the question to the husbands followed by the clue afterwhich the husband whom buzzed-in first (with buzzers of their own) gets to answer. Now if the husband's answer matches his wive's they win money for their rooting section based on how long the clue is ($100 for a one word clue & $50 for a two word). After the questions, host Convy would then ask another question to the couples called a Tattletale Quickie (it's usually mulitiple-choice) in which all couples participate. On his/her turn each wive/husband would answer the question, and then the his/her spouse appears & answer the same question. Each match on the quickie is worth $100. The roles are reversed in round two.

Later in the run, they changed formats to have all Tattletale Quickies in one half hour (because of this they didn't need to call them Tattletale Quickies anymore). In addition, the scoring format changed; each question has a pot of $150. If two or all three match they split the pot ($75 for two couples & $50 for all three); but if only one matched, they get the whole pot. Again the roles are reversed in round two. The final question was worth double meaning $300 goes to the one couple matched, $150 for two, & $100 for all three.

In all versions all rooting sections get to divide the money the couple have won for them. The couple with the most money wins the game, and the rooting section gets a bonus of $1,000. If the game ends in a tie between or all three couples, the bonus was split ($500 for two rooting sections, $334 for all three).