Cade Foster is an ex-thief who gave up thievery to get married and have a family. All of a sudden his life is thrown apart when he gets fired, all his money disappears, his house gets vandalized and eventually his wife gets killed and he gets framed for murder.
He finds out that he was part of an experiment held by an alien race called Gua, disguised as humans, who wanted to test the power of human will before they invade the earth. Out of 117 test subjects, Cade is the only one who fights back, all other subjects commited suicide.
Cade finds the last book of Nostradamus, which predicts the destruction of earth in 3 waves, the first wave is in motion. He teams up with a paranoid genius named Crazy Eddie and investigates every weird event that resembles a quatrain in the book of Nostradamus. While being on the run from the police, he tries to find the Gua, expose them to the world and clear his name.
His path often crosses with that of Joshua, one of the Gua leaders who has doubts about the invasion, he believes that for every 117 people on earth, there is one with the willpower of Cade Foster.