In 1607 a group of young men travel to virgina looking for gold, there are already native americans living on the land though, and both groups of people want to fight each other, the natives want the new comers gone, and the english men are certain that the natives will mean nothing but trouble. But somewhere hidden each group are to people that don't want to fight. Pocahontas; a young free sprited native princessl that is told by her father that she should marry a very strong serious warrior, she doesn't want that though and is very confused about her life. Confused that is unitll she meets John Smith, a Strong quick witted, english man that means no harm.Slowly they fall in love.One of smiths men shoots kokoem (the warrior pocahontas is spose to marry) and by misunderstanding smith is captured instide, sent to be killed at day break. Smiths men hear about this and get ready to fight the natives.At dawn they are all set ready for war to break out and Smith to die. But pocahontas risks her life to save smith, ending the war, and bringing peace to all.