Originally titled "MisteRogers' Neighborhood" the show premired in 1968 on PBS's predesessor NET, first showing episodes in black & white and later in color. In each episode, long-time host and children's TV star Fred Rogers would talk with the viewer directly on camera about a wide range of topics even going into topics other children's shows tried to avoid such as death, war, and divorce. The show was compared with the fast pace and somewhat randomness of Sesame Street as being slow paced and easy to follow. Rogers would often go outsde his TV house and around the Neighborhood to places such as Chef Brockett's Bakery and Joe Negri's music shop. In others he would visit an all new place such as a factory. Other episodes featured videos of topics such as how something is made. Every episode included a trip to the Neighborhood of Make Believe where the topic of the day's episode and the week's episodes were put into a story. Over the course of its run the show has won several Emmy Awards and is the second-longest running PBS show only under Sesame Street.