This popular game show hosted by Jim Perry (late of Card Sharks) pitts three contestants against each other in a question & answer match in which each correct answer is worth $5, but $5 is taken off the player's score if he/she gave an incorrect answer (all players were given $20 to start). Along the way they can buy prizes at a low cost or sometimes a chance to win money. Also they can answer a who am I typed question for the right to spin a game board in which money cards (which gets added to the player's score) appear at the start, and they can stop by hitting their button. The game ends with a 60 second speedround in which the leader at the end of it wins a chance to buy a prize with his/her winning score or put his/her score in the bank and return the next show. Later on they win a chance to pick numbers off a game board & match a prize. And finally they win a chance to win big money by solving four puzzles in 20 seconds. Several foreign versions including the popular Australian version were also produced.

Sale Of The Century originally aired as an Al Howard production on NBC from September 1969 to July 1973. Jack Kelly hosted and was replaced by Joe Garagiola in 1971.