Set on the fictitious South Sea island of Boragora in 1938, Tales of the Gold Monkey follows the adventures of Jake Cutter, a cargo pilot who flies a Grumman seaplane emblazoned with the name, "Cutter's Goose". What should be routine jobs transporting passengers and/or cargo always end up with Jake battling and defeating assorted bad guys. Helping Jake out are his mechanic/co-pilot, Corky, an absent-minded alcoholic with an almost child-like quality, and Jack, Jake's one-eyed (left), talking (one bark means no, two barks mean yes) terrier with a definite attitude.

Jake lives in a room above the Monkey Bar, owned by Bon Chance Louie, who is also the island's magistrate and medical officer. Louie's partner is Gushie, who can be seen wheeling around the bar, serving drinks and cleaning up. Sarah White is the bar's singer, a job that Jake got for her, but her real occupation is that of agent for the U.S. State department, a fact that only Jake knows. However, she's not the only spy on the island. The Rev. Willie Tenboom, a Dutch priest who enjoys "blessing" his lovely female parishioners, is really a German Army officer.

On the island of Matuka in the Japanese mandate of the Marivella island chain reigns Princess Koji, a beautiful Dragon Lady. Her nefarious activities usually pit her opposite Jake; however, she would rather have him on her side and in her bed. Todo, a proud samurai, is the commander of Koji's army.

This show would later get remade as the disney cartoon talespin!