The cases of the I.M.F. (Impossible Missions Force),
a top secret U.S. government organization that handles
dangerous and highly sensitive international assignments.
Stories depict the step-by-step planning and final
execution of highly tense and complicated missions.

At the opening of each episode (in the early seasons), the leader of the I.M.F.
would receive a tape-recorded message outlining
instructions for an assignment he was to consider taking.
The voice on the tape would give him some background
information, usually tied to the pictures of adversaries
that were included with the tape, and would conclude with
"Your mission, Jim, should you decide to accept it,
is . . . As always, should you or any member of your I.M.
Force be caught or killed, the secretary will disavow
any knowledge of your actions. This tape will
self-destruct in five seconds."

The top-secret assignments taken on by this elite group
of agents usually involved disrupting the activities of
various small foreign powers seeking to create problems
for America or the Free World. By the last season the
agents began to run out of little Communist countries
and obscure principalities, so they concentrated their
efforts more on dealing with organized crime within the
U.S. All the plans executed by the I.M.F. were incredibly
complex and depended on split-second timing and an
astounding array of sophisticated electronic gadgetry.
The leader of the group, Daniel Briggs during the first
season and Jim Phelps is subsequent seasons, devised
the complex plans used to accomplish the teams missions.
Barney Collier was the electronics expert and Willie
Armitage provided the muscle. Rollin Hand was an expert
at disguise and Cinnamon Carter was the versatile,
beautiful female member of the team.