The Electric Company, created by the Children's Television Workshop, was on in the morning about five times a day. In the middle of it they would often have a Spiderman segment which featured live-action mixed with animated backgrounds and thought balloons. It ended in 1977 but the final two seasons aired in reruns until 1985. Its most famous regular is none other than Morgan Freeman.

Luis Avalos -- Roberto; Dr. Doolats; Igor; Pedro (1972-1977)
Jimmy Boyd -- Andy; J. Arthur Crank; Paul the Gorilla; The Blue Beetle; The Wolfman; voice of Loreli the Chicken; Steve Awesome -- The $6,000,000.39 Man (1971-1977) (as Jim Boyd)
Lee Chamberlin -- Brenda; Vi; Madame Rosalie; Gladys the Glow-Worm (1971-1973)
Bill Cosby -- Hank; The Milkman; Ken Kane; The Ice Cream Man (1971-1972)
Morgan Freeman -- Mark; Easy Reader; Mel Mounds -- the DJ; Count Dracula; Mad Scientist; The Cop (1971-1977) Morgan Freeman was also the man under the Spiderman suit.
Judy Graubart -- Winnie; Jennifer of the Jungle; Julia Grownup; The Witch (1971-1977)
Skip Hinnant -- J.J.; Fargo North Decoder; Frankenstein; Supper Man; Clam; Boy in "Love of Chair" (1971-1977)
Rita Moreno -- Carmela; Otto the Director; Pandora the Little Girl; Millie the Helper (1971-1977), Jennifer of the Jungle
Danny Seagren -- Spider-Man (1974-1977)
Hattie Winston -- Sylvia; Valerie the Librarian (1973-1977)
June Angela -- Julie, member of the Short Circus
Gregg Burge -- Dwayne, member of the Short Circus (1973-1975)
Irene Cara -- Iris, member of the Short Circus (1971-1972)
Todd Graff -- Jesse, member of the Short Circus (1975-1977)
Douglas Grant -- Zack, member of the Short Circus (1971-1973)