Scott Smalls is the new kid in the neighborhood. He one day walks into a small local park with Baseball field. Where he sees a bunch of other kids playing baseball. His first impression doesn't go so well, but Benjamin "Franklin" Rodriquez the best player on the team takes him under his wing much to the chagrin of the other kids. Nicknamed Benny "The Jet" he and Smalls become friends as Scott becomes one of the boys and enjoys a summer full of fourth of July fireworks, going to the community pool, the carnival, and a lot of baseball. One day Scott steals a ball from his stepfather's trophy room and hits it over The Sandlot fence. The ball that Smalls crushed over the fence was signed by Babe Ruth. On the other side of the fence lays a big nasty junkyard dog known simply as "The Beast", and his owner the very mean Mr. Mertle Now the kids must deal with the beast.

Karen Allen co-stars as Scott Smalls Mother

James Earl Jones as Mr. Mertle

And Dennis Leary as Scott's stepfather Bill