(Japanese: 100%パスカル先生 Hepburn: 100% Pasukaru-Sensei, lit. 100% Pascal Teacher) is a Japanese gag comedy manga series written and illustrated by Yūji Nagai. it was serialized in Shogakukan's Coro Coro Comic magazine from January 15, 2015 to October 15, 2015, and has been compiled into seven tankōbon volumes on September 28, 2017. An anime television series adaptation by OLM, Inc. aired from April 15[1] to December 16, 2017.The story centers around a mole elementary school teacher called Pascal who is so dumb that he cannot even write his own name correctly. Pascal is whimsical and he does whatever he wants in his classroom.Characters
Pascal-Sensei (パスカル先生 Pasukaru-Sensei)
Voiced by: Hana Sato[2]
The main protagonist of this work. A mysterious teacher who looked like a yellow mola came to a group for 4 years. First person is "Im". Basically speaking with a polite phrase, rarely speaking with a tame mouth or a rough tone. One case sometimes gives a serious feeling to the student, but the personality is self-paced and somewhat moderate, staying at the student's home without permission, stealing school lunch expenses and trying to use it for pachinko, etc. Sticking to gold Seco There is also a place. In addition, I am taking a provocation by Iwata and Steve, becoming a warrior in the snowball fight and bringing in a few warriors, also has a fairly militant side. The body can be changed in size and gorgeous or splitting, and can emit light rays from the mouth. Before becoming a teacher, I gambled all the gambling gambling in a bad gamblers of gara, but it did not go well, I was taken a lover called Sachiko, decided to strengthen to regain Sachiko, and I trained until my muscular quality However, it drifts during training. At that time you will get along with a lot of drifters and find an island after an hour will get bad on an hour and become a special lecturer on the ship of "International Japanese Defense Academy Third Elementary School" which passed by the island