a fantasy slice-of-life anime series produced by OLM, Inc., based on both the series of toys and Media Franchise created by Bandai Namco Holdings.[2] The series focuses on Kokoro Yotsuba, a fifth grader who accidentally witness a small god born from her treasured color pencil set, and must be bound through a contract in order to keep his existence a secret. The series was directed by Norio Nitta and written by Michihiro Tsuchiya (Mirmo De Pon!, PriPara, Cross Game) with character designs by Shinobu Ookawa. The series aired on all TXN stations in Japan on October 1, 2015 to June 28, 2018, replacing Tamagotchi! on its initial timeslot.[3][4] The series uses a few elements from Shinto Animism, regarding the Cocotamas.A second series, titled Kira Kira Happy ★ Hirake! Cocotama was announced on June 7, 2018, and began airing on September 6, 2018, replacing the original series on it's initial timeslot.Kokoro Yotsuba is a fifth-grader who lives on the seaside town of Aozora, who is clumsy yet also takes good care of her belongings. Living alongside her brother, she once understood what her grandmother said to her, regarding that "everything has a soul" and that things should be cherished. One day, a strange egg was born from her colored pencil she cherished the most, revealing to as Luckytama, a Cocotama. However, he is been found by Kokoro after returning from school and for him to exist, he asks Kokoro to sign a "Secret Contract" on which she cannot reveal the secret of the Cocotamas to the world and also must take care of him with great love and care. Now with Luckytama living with his new human friend, Kokoro must make sure she never reveal not tell their secret while meeting other Cocotamas who either befriend her or cause her trouble.The series and toy line were both simultaneously unveiled at the 2015 Tokyo Toy Fair on June 18, 2015, and scheduled for an October release. The business partners for the series were also present at the unveiling, including Bandai Preside