a collection of American-made Christian children's videos designed to teach children "sound Biblical values" in a fun and exciting way. A combination of live action and puppets, it was very similar in style to Sesame Street but with a biblically-based rather than humanistic approach to communicating values.Executive Producer Ed Carlstone first conceived of the idea of Quigley's Village when his three-year-old child told a lie. With many episodes translated into Spanish, and a spin-off series (The Simply Grand Quigley Band), Quigley's Village has been seen by millions of children worldwide.Main characters
Mr. Quigley (played by pastor Richard Carlson, also a writer, composer, producer) - The host of Quigley's Village and the person all the puppets look up to and try to emulate. He appears to represent what God wants humans to be. Although no human is realistically perfect, Quigley seems to be. When the other villagers make mistakes, he leads them to a solution, quoting scripture and using common sense to deal with the puppets' problems. He is a gentle man, with a smile on his face at all times.
Dexter (Robert Auger) - The village's resident handy-man. He is one of the few humans to be featured on the program. Dexter is very helpful, but a little more naive than Mr. Quigley. He is also younger.
Bubba (puppeteer Paul Lessard) - An orangutan and the main puppet character. He has a very nasal, high-pitched voice. Although Bubba struggles with fear and lying, he tries to come to terms with his sins in a Christlike way. Bubba is arguably the most popular character during the series nearly 12-year run, probably because he comes across as the most human. His struggles with realistic problems that children and even adults can identify with, push him front and centre as the star. His fun loving personality and constant good cheer, earn him a place in the village as a constant good friend.
Danny (puppeteer Jim Black) - A young African lion who is, of all the villagers, th