a short-lived puppet television series that is based on the comic strip Miss Peach by Mell Lazarus. It features Miss Peach (played by Deborah Grover), who is teaching students at the Kelly School. The show was taped at Toronto, Canada in 1980.[1] In 1982, it was released on home video and was distributed by MGM/CBS Home Video.Characters
Miss Peach - The teacher of the Kelly School. She is kind and understanding to the students.
Marcia - The most popular student of the Kelly School. She has a crush on Ira.
Arthur - The most bashful student of the Kelly School. He is best friends with Turkey.
Desdemona - The most beautiful student of the Kelly School. She is Arthur's crush. She first appeared on the Valentine's Day episode.
J.W. Grimmis - The principal of the Kelly School.
Mouse - The rodent at the Kelly School. He encourages Arthur to go back to school with his friends.Cast
Deborah Grover as Miss PeachVoices
Robin Duke as Ira
Olga Felgemacher as Desdemona
Ben Gordon as Arthur
Mary Long as Francine
Craig Marin as Arthur, Farley
Eren Ozker as Lester, Female Bird
Monica Parker as Marcia
Danny Seagren as Principal J.W. Grimmis, Male Bird
Martin Short as Turkey, MousePuppeteers
Bob Dermer
Olga Felgemacher
Nina Keogh
Eren Ozker
Craig Marin
Danny Seagren
Bob Stutt
Peter WildmanEpisodes
The Valentine's Day Heart-Throb Ball
The Annual Kelly School Spring Picnic
Back To School
Career Day
Thanksgiving Pageant & Turkey Raffle