a children's television series which premiered in 2007. The series was originally produced for local broadcast on WCIU-TV (Channel 26) in Chicago, which is the flagship station of Weigel Broadcasting, and is designed to fit the FCC's educational and information programming requirements while also being produced locally in Chicago. However the program now also airs nationally on Weigel's MeTV digital subchannel network, and from October 2008 – 2013 on This TV when that network was owned by Weigel.Green Screen Adventures features stories and drawings by students in first through eighth grade using sketch comedy, story theatre, game shows, original songs, puppetry and more. Since their debut in 2007, they have featured stories written by almost 1,000 elementary school students.

The show is set around the submissions of short stories, school reports, poetry, essays, basic academic questions and artwork from students between first and eighth grades. A parent or guardian then signs a standard release form if the idea is used in the series.

An ensemble of actors for the series then takes these submissions, and the program's writers and actors create a short teleplay which is acted out with minimal props, costumes and a chroma key backdrop (the titular green screen of the series.) The student's story is brought to life by the actors as the green screen becomes the world of the story or subject. The Green Screen also showcases the children's original artwork.Jessica Honor Carleton is a writer, actress, puppeteer, puppet designer and storyteller, while Kierra Bunch, Brendan Buckley, Sasha Smith, Scott Gryder, Robert Schleifer, Alexander Knapp, and Zach Rebich are the actors and puppeteers. They all play the roles of people and animals. Katy Daso and Nancy McDonald are the floor directors and costume designers. Retired cast members include Christopher De Paola, Ariel Coleman-Turner, Frankie Benavides, Rafael Torres, Casie Walls, Nathan, and Lawrence Thompson, who is a singer